Electric over diesel: Lower operating costs and zero emissions

The new TANA Shark 440EM fully electric industrial waste shredder offers the same TANA versatility and reliability but is more environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and noise. In the electric TANA Shark, the diesel engine is replaced by two electric motors. The operator can plug the machine in their power supply or use a power unit. A machine that runs on electricity instead of diesel goes easy on both the environment and the wallet. The initial investment will pay itself back in lower operating costs while supporting sustainable development, cleaner site and safer working environment through zero emissions. The electric shredder has the power and torque of a diesel-powered model, only in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Significant reduction in noise pollution 

Especially at waste management sites near urban areas, local regulations often apply concerning the level of noise. An electric waste shredder is 6 dB quieter than a diesel-powered one, making it easier to follow noise regulations and to keep the neighbours happy. Excessive noise is also a work safety issue. The electric TANA Shark helps create a safer work environment and more satisfied employees.

Available model:

  • TANA Shark 440E